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Template with Vue.js + Nestjs

This template uses Vue.js and Vite for the frontend part and NestJS in Electron for the backend (main process) part. And it’s powered by DoubleShot.

How to use

It is recommended to use pnpm as the default package manager.

  • Install dependencies first:

    pnpm install
  • Run in development mode:

    pnpm dev
  • Build for production:

    pnpm run build


  ├─┬ packages
  │ ├── backend                   # backend/main process part
  │ └── frontend                  # frontend/renderer process part
  ├── electron-builder.config.js  # electron-builder config file
  ├── package.json
  └── dsr.config.ts               # @doubleshot/runner config file


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