A datepicker Vue component. Compatible with Vue 2.x


To view a demo online: demo

To view demo examples locally clone the repo and run npm i && npm serve --open App.vue


What the future holds

I am planning to add a few more customizations props in the near future, but I don’t let my lack of imagination/creativity stop yours ! I strongly encourage you ton open Issues or pull requests if you have any ideas/needs that you’d like to see added to the component !

  • Add more languages
  • Add props for easy custom styling
  • Add the possibility to append years as well
  • Optimize the Array of days rendered


npm i vue-draggable-cal --save


yarn add vue-draggable-cal

import DraggableCal from 'vue-draggable-cal';

export default {
  // ...
  components: {
  // ...

Or use directly from a CDN

<div id="app">
<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-draggable-cal"></script>
new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  components: {



<!-- OR -->


Emits events

<DraggableCal @selectedDate="doSomething($event)"></DraggableCal>

Available props

Prop Type Default Description
days Number 365 Number of days to append
months Number 12 Numbers of months to append (has precedence over days if custom set)
years Number 0 Number of years to append and enable year mode (see Demo )
prependedYears Number 0 Number of years to preppend. Note: this prop is ignored if years is not set
prependedMonths Number 1 Number of month to preppend
disabledWeekDays Object {} Disable a specific week day by setting it’s day number to true. ie. {0: true} will disable sundays
disabledDates Array [] Disable a specific date. Format of the day should be a string YYYY-MM-DD ie. ['2018-01-01']
pastIsDisabled Boolean true Allows the selection of alreay past days and predend the days of prepended months
fullMonths Boolean false Weither or not to always use complete months (i.e. days=1 if set to true the whole month is going to be appended)
accentColor String #00008b Set the accent color (HEX or CSS color names)
lang String EN Language (see available in Transations)


These events are emitted on actions in the datepicker

Event Output Description
selectedDate Object A date has been selected. It outputs an object : formatedDate: String of the date andraw: An array of [YYYY, MM, DD] that can be used to build the date object via Date.UTC(YYYY,MM,DD)
dateCleared null The previously selected date has been unselected by the user

Available languages

Abbr Language
EN English Default
FR French

Dev & Build

Dev server

  yarn serve # Or npm run serve

Build App

  yarn build # Or npm run build

Build Lib

  yarn bundle # Or npm run bundle




Credits to @webAngelo for his range-calendar from which this is highly inspired.


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