⚡ EthVM: An Open Source Proccessing Engine and Block Explorer for Ethereum, based on Apache Kafka ⚡

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EthVM: Open Source Processing Engine and Block Explorer for Ethereum

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What is EthVM?

EthVM is an open-source Ethereum Blockchain Data Processing and Analytics Engine with a client-side Block Explorer, although other networks and forks will be supported over time. EthVM is built by the MyEtherWallet team and is secured under the SSPL license (a small variation of the GNU Affero License v3) and is written in a mixture of different languages.

Our core infrastructure is based on well known languages:

  • TypeScript (Block Explorer)
  • Javascript (API/Processor)

And also is backed by popular frameworks:

Our Block Explorer is currently in Beta right now. You can check it out live at and read more about it here. We are currently focused on bug fixes while we work on adding new features in the near future. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to open an issue or send us an email at [email protected].

Getting Started

Right now you can only view EthVM’s Block Explorer (front-end) code. We will be merging the api and processor into the same repo within a couple of weeks, so you can inspect the entire project after the merge.

You can run yarn start:dev within the newclient folder, but you will not be able to propagate any data to the front-end, since the api code base has yet to be merged. However, you can still check out the front-end, and we greatly appreciate any PRs that can improve on code readability – including commentary and structure!


We welcome every kind of contribution, so, please see CONTRIBUTING for more details on how to proceed.

Stay in touch!

We have created our EthVM - Devs Telegram channel, feel free to join and hang out! You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Reddit.

About MyEtherWallet Inc

EthVM is backed by the team of MyEtherWallet (MEW), Ethereum’s original wallet. The MEW team is a group of Ethereum-enthusiasts dedicated to building open-source, intuitive products for the Ethereum community. Our team is committed to providing safe spaces for users to view and interact with their funds, without having to worry about who has access to their information and data.

All of our products are completely open-source and available on GitHub for review:

MyEtherWallet Inc

Knowledge Base

MEWconnect Protocol


This project is licensed under the SSPL License (a small variation of the GNU Affero License v3) – see the LICENSE file for details (or read it here online).

Powered by MEW


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