Vuetify.js confirm dialog

This module extends vuetify confirm dialog.


Install the package from npm

npm install vuetify-confirm
import VuetifyConfirm from 'vuetify-confirm'

Install with options or any of them:

import VuetifyConfirm from 'vuetify-confirm'
Vue.use(VuetifyConfirm, {
  buttonTrueText: 'Accept',
  buttonFalseText: 'Discard',
  color: 'warning',
  icon: 'warning',
  title: 'Warning',
  width: 350,
  property: '$confirm'

property: '$confirm' will create property with this name in Vue prototype


  • message: String, required
  • options: Object
    • buttonTrueText: String
    • buttonFalseText: String
    • color: String
    • icon: String
    • title: String
    • width: Number
    • persistent: Boolean


this.$confirm('Do you really want to exit?').then(res => {
let res = await this.$confirm('Do you really want to exit?', { title: 'Warning' })
if (res) {

res will be true or false

You can format your message with arbitrary HTML - make sure you don't include any user-provided content here:

const res = await this.$confirm('Please do not do this.<br>Do you really want to exit?')