Fozzie Components Documentation


This is a mono-repo. It contains several packages, all controlled from a top level packages.json.

Each project has its own package.json file containing package specific configuration, however don't run yarn install from a package project; instead run it from the top level.

If you run yarn install from a package then you may well get an unhelpful error like this:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, symlink '…\fozzie-components\packages\…' -> '…\fozzie-components\node_modules\@justeat\…'

If this happens, delete all the node_modules folders throughout and then run yarn install from the root directory again.

In some rare cases modules specified in the components own package.json file can sometimes fail to resolve / install correctly. This can lead to errors like: Example error: The following module could not be found, please run yarn add @moduleName to install it.

There's two solutions you could try from the root of the project which may fix this:

  1. yarn cache clean
  2. yarn build


It is recommended to run the following commands at the root of the monorepo in order to install dependencies and allow you to view components in isolation via Storybook.

Importing optional SCSS helpers from Fozzie

We have created several optional mixin helpers in Fozzie. Here's an example of how to use it:

Note: Importing the optional mixin and using @include in the common.scss file of your component doesn't work if you have module enabled on your SFC.

<style lang="scss" module>
@include pageBanner();


Unit / Integration / Contract

# Run Unit / Integration / Contract tests for all components
cd ./fozzie-components
yarn test


# Run Unit / Integration / Contract tests for individual f-* packag
cd ./fozzie-components/packages/f-*
yarn test

Component Tests

# Run Component tests for all components
# Note: Ensure Storybook is not running when running the following commands
cd ./fozzie-components

yarn storybook:build
yarn storybook:serve-static
yarn test-component:chrome


# Run Component tests for individual f-* package
# Note: Ensure Storybook is not running when running the following commands
cd ./fozzie-components
yarn storybook:build
yarn storybook:serve-static

# And in another window
cd ./fozzie-components/packages/f-*user-message*
yarn test-component:chrome

Running Storybook

To run storybook first you must run the following at the the top level

yarn build to build the require packages for storybook to run.

Then run yarn storybook:serve to start storybook, which will open on localhost:8080.

Running a single component in Storybook

If you wish to view a single component in Storybook during development, you can do this by opening the components *.stories.js file in your IDE and running the Storybook - Run Currently Open Story File task which can be found in the debug tab on the left. (This only works with VS Code).

This is particuarly useful as it prevents a bug where Storybook pulls in other components stylesheets (See here).

Committing Code

We use Husky to manage our git hooks.

When you make a commit, the following scripts will run as part of our pre-commit hook.

If you wish to skip this Husky hook, simply add the --no-verify argument when making your commit.

For example: git commit -m "Refactor f-button" --no-verify.

Publishing Components

More information about how to contribute to this repo can be found in our Storybook Documentation section

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