Framework for building universal web app and static website in Vue.js.

Server-side rendered Vue.js app should be made easy, since vue-router is well optimized for SSR, we built ream on the top of it to make you build universal Vue.js app fast with fewer trade-offs, the only requirement is to export router instance in your entry file, which means you have full control of vue-router as well!


Server-side rendering with code-split support
Extensible webpack config
Plugin system
Next.js/Nuxt.js-like behavior via plugin
Generate static website
Writing blogs using Markdown/Vue Component
Exposed a fluent API


yarn add ream


Unlike a regular Vue SPA, you must export a router function in your app entry in order to make it work with Ream:

// index.js
import Vue from 'vue'
import Router from 'vue-router'


export default {
  router() {
    return new Router({
      mode: 'history',
      routes: [{
        path: '/',
        // Dynamically load your index component
        component: () => import('./index.vue')

And that's it, run ream dev and have fun playing your app at http://localhost:4000.


  • [ ] Prefetch data for route components.
  • [ ] Document how to modify internal webpack config.
  • [ ] Documentation website.
  • [ ] Add proper tests.

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