CuratedStack Nocode Template

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? Free & open-source template to create a curated directory of websites without (or with) code


? Check the demo website

? Features

CuratedStack Nocode Template comes with pre-installed features and options:

  • ? List all your favorite websites by category
  • ?? No-code friendly using Netlify CMS (check the below tutorial)
  • ? Search bar and index generated automatically (using Lunr.js)
  • ? Automatic dark theme
  • ? Floating Prompt (for Product Hunt or anything else)
  • ? Google Analytics (gtag)
  • ? Installable as a Progressive Web App
  • ? Script to analyze your links & categories
  • ? Script to download websites logos automatically

✨ Demo

Check out websites using the CuratedStack Nocode Template:

? How to use

The no-code way – Easy way

  1. Go to
  2. Use the right panel to edit the content
  3. Press “Publish” then “Save website as .zip”
  4. The full website will be inside the zip, you can host it wherever you want

The no-code way – Advanced way (with Netlify CMS)

Take advantage of Netlify CMS for hosting and updating your website without code. Nevertheless a few options needs to be activated in order to get started, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Add your project in Netlify using this button (and follow the steps): Deploy to Netlify

    1.1. Once done you will see the link to your website, you can later on customize your website name or even add your own domain name.

  2. Enable Identity and Git Gateway by following these instructions (full instructions here:

    2.1. Go to Netlify and go to your brand new deployed website, then Settings > Identity, and select Enable Identity service.

    2.2. Under Registration preferences, select Invite only.

    2.3. Click on Invite users and add your email, press Send you will receive a link by email to create an account.

  3. Go to Services > Git Gateway, and click Enable Git Gateway. This authenticates with your Git host and generates an API access token. In this case, we’re leaving the Roles field blank, which means any logged in user may access the CMS.

  4. Go to your website name and add /admin at the end of the url, you will be redirected to the admin panel where you need to login with your email and password defined at step

  5. From this admin panel you will be able to change anything, name, description, logos, websites, categories, and you will have to click on “Publish” once done and wait a few minutes before it is updated!

The coders way

  1. Fork this project
  2. Edit content/config.json
  3. Add your categories in content/categories.json (after deleting the demo categories)
  4. Add your links in content/links.json (after deleting the demo links)
  5. Edit your strings in locales/en.json (optional)
  6. Change your icon in static/images/logos/icon.png
  7. Use npm run analyze to check analyze your links and npm run get-logos to try to download logos of websites (do not forget to remove the static/images/logos demo content)
  8. Generate with npm run generate
  9. Deploy the generated files from the dist folder (on netlify, gitpages or surge, they are all free)

⚙️ How to run


  • NodeJS


npm install


npm run dev


npm run generate

Analyze links & categories

# To check how many links you have in each category and if there are links in double
npm run analyze

Downloads logos

npm run get-logos

Deploy to netlify (for free)

Deploy to Netlify

? Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

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