Vue Friendly Captcha

Wrapper component library for Friendly Challenge. Works with Vue 2 and 3.

Getting Started

1. Install the package

  • Vue 2.x: npm install --save @somushq/vue-friendly-captcha
  • Vue 3.x: npm install --save @somushq/vue3-friendly-captcha

2. Use it in your Vue app

Vue 2.x:

    <vue-friendly-captcha sitekey="your-site-key" />

    import VueFriendlyCaptcha from '@somushq/vue-friendly-captcha';

    export default {
        components: {

Vue 3.x:

    <vue-friendly-captcha sitekey="your-site-key" />

<script setup>
    import VueFriendlyCaptcha from '@somushq/vue3-friendly-captcha';



Name Type Default value Description
sitekey* String N/A The site key to be used for Friendly Captcha.
dark Boolean false Whether the widget should render in dark mode.
startMode String 'focus' Specifies when the widget should start solving the puzzle.
language String 'en' The language to be used for the widget.
solutionFieldName String 'frc-captcha-solution' The name of the field that will contain the solution.
puzzleEndpoint String '' The endpoint to be used for the puzzle.

* – Required


Name Params Return type Description
init N/A void Initializes the Friendly Challenge widget.
start N/A void Starts solving the captcha.
reset N/A void Resets the captcha.
destroy N/A void Destroys the captcha.
isValid N/A boolean Returns whether the captcha has been validated.


Name Params Description
ready N/A The Friendly Captcha widget is ready.
started N/A Solution has been initiated.
done string The captcha was solved. Will contain the solution as a parameter.
error string The captcha was not solved. Will contain the error as a parameter.

For Contributors

We publish separate modules for Vue 2 and 3. You can use Lerna to perform
operations on both packages at once.

npm i -g lerna

The packages can be found in the following directories:

  • packages/vue2 for Vue 2.x
  • packages/vue3 for Vue 3.x

Make sure to lint your changes before committing them by running

npm run lint

in the root directory.

Building can be done using npm run build.


MIT. See the LICENSE file for more details.


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