This is the repository for Vue I18n 9 (for Vue 3)

Internationalization plugin for Vue.js

Supporting Vue I18n & Intlify Project


  • Via CDN: <script src=""></script>
  • In-browser playground on CodeSandbox
  • Add it to an existing Vue Project:
    npm install vue-i18n@next

Changes from Vue I18n v8

Please consult the Migration Guide.

?‍♂️ About support for v9 and earlier

  • v6 and earlier: drop supporting
  • v7 and v8: become LTS upon vue-i18n v9 release with an 12 months maintenance lifespan

? Examples

See the examples directory.

The examples are offered in the following two API styles:

  • composition
    • Examples using the new Vue I18n API for Vue 3 Composition API
  • legacy
    • Examples using the Vue I18n API that are almost compatible with Vue I18n v8.x