Jovo Starter: Chat Widget (Vue2), NLU (Snips), Docker

A chatbot built with Vue.js, Jovo and Snips NLU, deployed with Docker

This sample repository allows you to run a chatbot built with Jovo, Vue.js, and Snips NLU with a single command using Docker.

The project contains:

  • app: A conversational backend built with the Jovo Framework
  • chatwidget: A Vue.js chat widget (based on the Jovo Web Client) that interacts with the conversational backend
  • snips-nlu-server: An open source natural language understanding (NLU) service that turns raw text into structured input. You can also find the module here:

Getting Started

Use the following commands to clone the repository (make sure to add --recurse-submodules to download the submodule) and run it using Docker:

# Clone this repository and download snips-nlu-server submodule from
$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd jovo-starter-chatwidget-nlu-docker

# Start Docker container
$ docker-compose up

You can then access the chat widget at localhost:8080:

A chat widget built with Vue.js and Jovo

If you make changes to the widget that don’t show up immediately, you can stop the Docker service and start it again. Make sure to add the --build flag to rebuild the images:

# Rebuild and start Docker container
$ docker-compose up --build


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