This is my portfolio powered by Vue3, TailwindCSS, ThreeJS and AnimeJS.

All of the features within this project are frontend only, there are no involvement with any backend frameworks or similar.

View the production deployment of this project on here



  • Interactive 3D model and UI
  • Auto code typing + custom syntax highlighting
  • Highly customizable with theme selector
  • Flexible responsive design


Git and NodeJS is required. I recommend installing both of these programs through a package manager.

  • For Windows, I recommend using Scoop click here
  • For Mac, I recommend using Homebrew
  • For Linux, use your own distro package manager or Homebrew also works

Assuming you are using Scoop, you can install the programs through typing these commands on your terminal

scoop install git
scoop install nodejs

For Mac, if you are using Homebrew, it will be

brew install git
brew install <programs> # replace it with the programs to install

Get started

Fork this project on Git, after forking the project, clone it into your own local machine.

git clone https://github.com/<your-git-username>/kuon-portfolio.git

initialize the project

cd kuon-portfolio
npm install

now run the project

npm run dev

then visit http://localhost:3000 to view the project.

Folder structure

The folder structure will be something like this

|-  kuon-portfolio
  |- public		
    |- assets
  |- src
    |- components
    |- views 

All of your Images will be located on the public/assets folder, any other assets such as .css files or icons will be located on the public/. folder.

Page views (full page, for example /routes) will be located on the src/views folder.

Any components that will be shared in the views will be located on the src/components folder. If the components get too complicated, then make a new directory in component folder then place your components in that file.


New Page

When creating a new page, make sure to add a new route on router.js, then update the data block of webRoutes on MainNavbar.vue.

Modifying contents

Skills and Works (projects) both contain a JSON file on the components folder. If you wish to modify only the contents of the pages without touching the UI, you will only need to modify the JSON file of the related page. Note that the MainLanding and MainContact does not contain a JSON file, so modifications to the contents will require modifying the HTML contents of the files.

New colorscheme

For the color palette, it will contain a JSON file called Themes.json. themeType refers to the type of the theme whether it is a light theme or a dark theme, meanwhile modifying the color scheme will change the overall appearance of the web. DomID is not relevant as of now. It is recommended to use the hexcode of the color for colorscheme, it also works for transparent hex colors.


I recommend using Vercel for deployment as it is simple and contains a lot of features such as preview deployment before production deployment. If you are using VPS for hosting, you need to do the following

npm run build

afterwards you will get a ZIP file, put the ZIP file up on the VPS server according to their relevant instructions.


This project is MIT licensed.

You can create your own project and modifying it freely without notifying me under these conditions

  • Add a link to this repository that can be easily found and visible in your page.
  • Do not use the 3d Model if you do not agree to the license conditions (CC Atribution). Original Link
  • Do not use it for commercial usage.

Check LICENSE for additional details.


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