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Reflex Protocol


Reflex allows you to mint and distribute DAO tokens, authorize wallets for voting, manage DAO treasures, create improvement proposals, and set governance parameters without writing a line of code. Parameters like token-based or multisig members governance, minimum voting token, vote approval threshold, early execution, meta transactions and more.

Leveraging the minimal transaction cost of æternity, and the underlying meta-transaction api, organizations can pay upfront gas fees for their dao members to participate in voting or creating proposals thereby guarantees smooth user on-boarding and members participation potential.

Reflex helps organizations to reward their DAO community and participants with non fungible tokens (NFTs). Organizations can then decides to give their reward NFTs a monetary value or including it in their products.

Treasury management on Reflex is a way Organizations can transparently fund or spend from their projects treasure allocation alongside with DAO members decision and approval.


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Group 1601


  • Decentralized

Eliminate single points of failure by building on æternity distributed networks.

  • Permissionless

Remove barriers with globally accessible and non-discriminating infrastructure.

  • Trustless

Enforce DAOs decisions with smart contracts, removing the need for human intervention.

  • Transparent

Keep your organization’s record immutable. Transactions are cryptographically verified, non-editable, and publicly accessible.

  • Gasless

Run a gasless organization for your members by paying gas fees upfront for them.

Sneak peaks

Screenshot 2023-05-06 195220 Screenshot 2023-05-07 071910 Screenshot 2023-05-07 091643

checkout full demo here


npm install

Compile and Hot-Reload for Development

npm run dev

Compile and Minify for Production

npm run build

Run Unit Tests with Vitest

npm run test:unit

Lint with ESLint

npm run lint


Smart contract Frontend Cloud services
aeProject Vuejs Netlify
Docker AeSDK


  • Sophia
  • Javascript


Arogundade Ibrahim

Position: Web3 Fullstack Developer

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