Vue material checkbox

Material design checkbox component for Vue.


With npm

  • install plugin
npm install vue-material-checkbox --save
  • import to the app and add to the Vue
import checkbox from 'vue-material-checkbox'
  • Use it as component:
<checkbox id="mycheck1" v-model="someVar">My Checkbox</checkbox>


There is autogenerated id for label and checkbox, but you can specify it yourself.

You can specify label for checkbox inside checkbox tag:

<checkbox id="mycheck1" v-model="someVar"> ThisIsLabel </checkbox>

You can set custom color for background of checkbox:

<checkbox id="mycheck1" v-model="someVar" color="#f50057"> ThisIsLabel </checkbox>

Complete props table

Prop Type Default What For
id String undefined Recommended. input id associated with label
value String undefined Value for input, without it checkbox works as true/false
color String undefined Pass the color string to change bg-color of checkbox
checked Boolean false is checked by default?
name String undefined Name for input
required Boolean false HTML required attr
disabled Boolean false HTML disabled attr


  • ripple effect