CLaude-in-slack web api

Recently I found that claude can not be installed into slack anymore due to high demand. Maybe releasing this script now is a bit late.

After test it for a few times on my server, i’ve fixed most of the bugs and convert ‘match’ to ‘elif’, it now works just fine. please let me know if there’s something wrong on your computer.

This project is for study purposes only, if you just want claude-in-slack’s API, then slack_sdk would be a pretty good option.


This graph may not be professional but i hope it makes it much easier for you to understand the code 架构_英文

Login for the first time

This graph may not be professional but i hope it makes it much easier for you to understand the code 流程_英文

Saved login status

Every time after a successful login, the cookies, api-token, user_id, team_id will be saved into a json file named by your email. use checkEnv() to see if it’s been saved and use getEnv() to load it.


Setup fastapi and nodejs server’s host and port in config.json:

  "HOST": "fastapi server's host, default to",
  "API_PORT": fastapi server's port, default to 8011,
  "WEB_PORT": nodejs server's port, default to 80

and if you decides to use the vue app in web_vue/claude_vue remember to change the baseurl in config.js

and run this to start the nodejs server:

// static html
$ node ./web/index.js

// vue3
$ cd ./web_vue/claude_vue
$ serve 

fastapi server:

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 ./server/

Here’s another version that provides a command-line usage: Claude in command line


Create a ClaudeApp

After a ClaudeApp is created using createApp(), it will setup a WebSocketServer and returns the websocket url and a ClaudeApp which hasn’t been connected to the slack.

Login or load login status

For now, it only supports email login, which requires a verification code, login by password may be supported soon.

For email login, each login process will take place in


teamlist = xoxd.teamlist
option = teamlist[index] # choose a team


After this, the login status will be saved.

Match channel and connect to wss

use connect() in ClaudeApp, this will automatically match the channel which claude is in and connect to the wss that slack provides


use postMessage to send a message to claude. Every chat message will be received through wss and then be parsed and forward to WebSocketServer.

Execute cmd

Claude has only one command /reset, but i manage to make a function for that just in case it updates some new commands.

To do it, you just have to call the function under the ClaudeApp execCmd(cmd), if it’s “/reset”, it will be noticed in wss.

Chat Histories

I got the API but I haven’t done anything to it, haven’t figured out how to write it. the responses depend on timestamp and fp(i set it to 30), it returns a maximum of 30 messages which happens before a specific timestamp.

you can try to do it on your own, the function is ClaudeApp.getHistory().


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