Melonly Node.js Framework

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Melonly is a fast and modern web development framework for Node.js. It makes it easy to create secure and fast web applications with awesome developer experience.


Melonly documentation is available on the official site.


  • Node.js 15+
  • npm installed


To create new Melonly project we recommend to use the CLI installer. You only have to install @melonly/cli package:

npm install -g @melonly/cli

You can check the Melonly CLI version if it has been properly installed:

melon -v

To create new project run the new command in your directory:

melon new <project-name>

Running Application

Once your project has been created you can start it on the local server using npm start:

cd <project-name>

npm start

Your application will be available on localhost:3000 by default. You can change the port in .env configuration file.

If you don’t want to open the browser automatically, use the npm run start:dev command.


Melonly is an open-source framework licensed under the MIT License.

If you discovered a bug or security vulnerability please open an issue / pull request in the repository or email me: [email protected].


Logo credit: Watermelon icon created by Freepik – Flaticon


Author: Doc077


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