Mnemonic Pass Phrase Encrypter

Encrypt your passphrase, secretKeys, backup keys e.t.c Using simple or complex AES Encryption in the browser. (No server or external requests) ? ?


  • Client Side AES Encryption
  • Encrypt & Decrypt Interface
  • Multiple Encryption methods
  • Save as json, qrcode or Standalone NodeJS Script

How To Use

You can either use the online version:


Install Locally

Requires Nodejs >= 16

  • Clone this repo
  • Install dependencies – npm install
  • Build Application – npm run build
  • Serve Application – npm run serve


Number of Words

The number of words you want to encrypt. This also determines the number of input boxes that will be provided for you.

Min: 1 Max: 50 Default: 12


If enabled, This ensures that the words you entered are correct by providing another form for you to re-type and verify words.

Default: false

Encryption Method

There are two encryption methods provided: Simple and Complex. All encryption are done in your browser.

Simple Encryption Method

This method is direct and straight to the point. Your data is encrypted using your password directly. This means you can use any AES Decrypter to decrypt your encrypted value without depending on this application.

password = "1234567";
encrypted = AesEncryptFunction(data, password);

Complex Encryption Method.

This method is EXTREMELY SECURE but can only be decrypted using this application because it does not use your password to encrypt data..

Yes! Your password is used to generate a Longer & Stronger Password using a COMPLEX_ENCRYPTION_KEY and Md5 Hashing method.

password = "1234567";
generatedPassword = GeneratePassword(password);
encrypted = AesEncryptFunction(data, generatedPassword);

Show DATE in public data.

If enabled, Date of encryption will be publicly visible in the encrypted document. For best anonymity, this should be turned off.

Default: true

Export Formats

Json Text File

Example of an exported json text file.

Password: 1234567

  "name": "test",
  "value": "U2FsdGVkX19OMXnOV9MK6/6UieQzZ2qiTMwbQ46lNIteHe5A3avTwtPGl803Ofeni2Nfw5ABl+NJ8DWR3+XMGo73ww4hCcctWfMahlds6oT14PVTCiSAhNWR54M5MKim0zqMKzu13bBnfkx8RUlJI/2oz+DbKDN2aoiGVXVolS9BMwhKUvA3v4FMq1hUu2tk"

Qrcode Image File

Example of an exported image file. The qrcode holds a Json Text File content.

Password: 1234567

Standalone NodeJS Script.

Requires Nodejs >= 10

Once downloaded, you can run on any NodeJS machine with the right arguments

# Syntax
node file.js <method> <password>

# Simple
node file.js simple YourPassword

# Complex
node file.js complex YourPassword

If successful the result will look like this.


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