Audiophile – Vue.js E-commerce Multi-Page Website

Figma design files were provided by Frontend Mentor.

image preview of the Audiophile Homepage


The challenge

The requirement was to build the front-end for an online store, while making it look and behave as close as possible to the provided design. There were no requirements as to the used technologies, so I used this project as an opportunity to learn about Vue.js. A JSON file containing the product information was also provided, so making the website as dynamic as possible was also a focus point for me.

image preview of the Audiophile category page


These are some of the features of my project:

  • Different layouts depending on screen size
  • Dynamic pages and components
  • Cart (adding/removing products)
  • Checkout form with form validation
  • Local storage


image preview of the Audiophile product page

My process

Built with

Styled with

  • SCSS

What I learned

Taking on a rather large project for my introduction to Vue.js turned out to be a good idea. This challenge not only introduced me to the basics of this framework, but also required me to research things in depth and find creative solutions. I have to say I had a lot of fun working with Vue and I’m looking forward to using it in many future projects.

I was also happy to practice my precision in building websites according to someone else’s design. The Figma files provided by Frontend Mentor were very detailed, which was super helpful, but also required paying close attention to detail.

image preview of the Audiophile checkout form


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