MEMER is similar to other social deduction card games (a la Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity) except community cards are pulled from the Giphy service and deck cards come from a ever expanding list of content created by the community of players. This means that every game will be new and stay fresh and relevant every time you play.

How to Play

  1. Players get dealt 7 Caption Cards
  2. One Player is chosen to be the Judge. The Judge selects from a random set of 4 categories
  3. After the judge picks a category, GIPHY selects 8 random gifs. The judge selects 1 gif to be the Community Card
  4. All other players select a Caption Card to play on top of the Community Card. A meme gets generated for each player using the Community Card and their selected Caption
  5. The Judge selects their favorite meme and the player that submitted the caption scores a point
  6. The round resets and the next player becomes the judge


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