MyLoopStory is a decentralized social network based on dynamic video NFTs.

Each user can mint their own LoopStory and add 3 seconds of video to it regularly. Everything is stored on-chain and on IPFS/Filecoin.

This project was realized in the context of ETHLisbon.


  • Mint a NFT (ERC721 compatible on Mumbai testnet)
  • Login through WalletConnect V2
  • Record videos directly from the mobile browser
  • Add video loop to your NFT
  • Backend creating the full video based on IPFS hashes stored on chain
  • Consult your video loop
  • Cross platform (work on desktop/tablet/mobile)

Tech Stack

Client: Vue.js, Ionic, Video.JS, Web3Modal v2

Server: Node, Express

Blockchain tool: Ethers

Storage: IPFS, FileCoin, NFT.storage


Test front-end deployed version at https://mls-eight.vercel.app/

Test back-end deployed version at https://myloopstory.herokuapp.com:3000/


This project is composed of 3 distinct parts:

  • A Progressive Web App to mint, capture and add videos to your NFT
  • A back-end fetching the data on-chain and generating a full video based on several IPFS hashes
  • A smart-contract based on the ERC721 standard

Lessons Learned

This project has taught me a lot in the last 3 days. It’s the 1st time I participate alone to a hackaton but it’s also the 1st time I realize a PWA connected to the blockchain.

The IPFS documentation and the NFT.storage documentation were invaluable to me regarding on-chain storage.

Concerning the video generation, I learned to use the ffmpeg tool, extremely powerful if you understand its syntax.

As WalletConnect web3modal v2 is not yet available for Vue.JS, I had to adapt the vanilla JS libraries, which was not easy.

Well, I think the project was a bit too big for a first solo hackaton. I didn’t have time to code the social features. So, it’s not quite a social video network but a dynamic NFTs project, based on videos.


  • Improve Backend Performance

  • Adding social functionalities (social feed + follow/unfollow)

  • Adding Lens support

  • Make it chain-agnostic

Environment Variables

To run this project, you will need to add the following environment variables to your .env file





? About Me

My name is Marin, i’m a web3 full-stack developer, working with my DAOs frens on the first P2E game on Moonbeam Network, called “THE GREAT ESCAPE”.


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