Nuxtjs integrate CKEditor5 (Javascript)


Custom editor-classic from source and import image resize plugin.


  • Node v14.17.5
  • Npm 6.14.14
  • Nuxtjs 2.15.7


window is not defined

If you set ssr: true in the nuxt.config.js and put your custom VCKEditor.vue into the components folder, the Nuxt will scan the components folder by Server Side and
it doesn’t know the window keyword which is the JavaScript object in @ckeditor/ckeditor5-vue2.

There are two solutions, just choose one

  • set components: false in the nuxt.config.js.
  • Move the CKEditor.vue to components folder outside.

Finally, register CKEditor.vue as plugins and set plugins ssr: false in the nuxt.config.js.

Cannot read property ‘getAttribute’ of null

You need exclude @ckeditor in the svg and load it with raw-loader.

CKEditor5 CSS disappear

You need to set the postcss in the nuxt.config.js.

ERROR [CKEditorWebpackPlugin] Error: No translation has been found for the xx language.

This error will trigger by setting ssr: true in the nuxt.config.js and it doesn’t affect the building.

You can find the 300th line in the _getTranslationAssets method in the source code node_modules\@ckeditor\ckeditor5-dev-utils\lib\translations\multiplelanguagetranslationservice.js. It will trigger an error message but does not affect the operation.

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