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TresJS Playground

Playground for TresJS experiments and R3F using Astro

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Getting Started

# Install dependencies
pnpm install

# Start dev server
pnpm dev

# Build for production
pnpm build

Add a new page

  1. Create a new mdx file in src/pages with the name of your page in kebab-case
  2. Add the frontmatter to the top of the file

layout: /@/layouts/ExperimentLayout.astro
thumbnail: /animations.png
title: Animations
author: Alvarosabu
description: A basic example of how to animate a geometry using useRendererLoop composable
tags: ['basic', 'animations', 'useRendererLoop']
  1. Create a new vue file in src/components with the name of your page in PascalCase. If the complexity of the component is too high, you can create a folder with the name of your page in PascalCase and add all the components inside.
  2. Add the component to the page, is important to use the client:only directive to avoid hydration errors.

import BasicAnimations from '/@/components/MyExperiment.vue'

<BasicAnimations client:only />
  1. If you want to add info to the page, you can use the Info component.

import TheInfo from '/@/components/TheInfo.astro'

<TheInfo >
# { frontmatter.title }

Tutorial [here](

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