(Laravel + Vite.js + Tailwindcss + Vue3) + JIG CRUD Generator


This is a starter template with a ready-made setup of Jetstream Inertia Generator to avoid the hassle of initial configuration.

What you will get

  • Already configured Users, Roles and Permissions Modules
  • Fully working JIG CRUD generator
  • Jetstream + Inertia + Fortify
  • Laravel Permissions
  • Simple Landing Page
  • Jetstream+Inertia’s default Profile Page

Steps to Setup for Dev:

  • Click Use This Template to clone this template to your own repository
  • Clone your repo to your local machine
  • Setup your database
  • composer install
  • yarn install
  • cp .env.example .env
  • php artisan key:generate
  • php artisan migrate --seed
  • php artisan storage:link
  • php artisan serve
  • yarn dev

Building assets for production:

  • Simply run yarn build to build assets for production.


In case of any issues, please create an issue in this repository or in the Parent Jetstream Inertia Generator repo.


  • If you like the effort that we’ve put into this, please take a minute to give us a star. Thank you.


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