Vue Scroller

Vue Scroller is a foundational component of Vonic UI. In purpose of smooth scrolling, pull to refresh and infinite loading.

For vue 1.0, please refer to branch v1.

How to use

npm i vue-scroller -S
/* ignore this if you include vue-scroller.js by <script> tag from a cdn, such as unpkg */
import Vue from 'vue'
import VueScroller from 'vue-scroller'
  <!-- content goes here -->

Live Code on JsFiddle

Webpack project by vue-cli


Scroller component attributes:

Attr. Name Description Required Default Value
onRefresh pull to refresh callback N -
onInfinite infinite loading callback N -
onInfinite infinite loading callback N -
refreshText tips of pull-to-refresh N 下拉刷新
noDataText tips of no-more-data when infinite-loading finished N 没有更多数据
width scroller container width N 100%
height scroller container height N 100%
snapping enable snapping mode N false
snappingWidth snapping width N 100 (stand for 100px)
snappingHeight snapping height N 100
refreshLayerColor text color of pull-to-refresh layer N #AAA
loadingLayerColor text color of infinite-loading layer N #AAA
minContentHeight min content height (px) of scroll-content N 0

Scroller vm instance methods:

  • resize() resize scroller content (deprecated, cause the scroller's content resizes self automatically)
  • triggerPullToRefresh() start pull-to-refresh manually
  • finishPullToRefresh() stop pull-to-refresh
  • finishInfinite(isNoMoreData :Boolean) stop infinite-loading
  • scrollTo(x:Integer, y:Integer, animate:Boolean) scroll to a position in scroller content
  • scrollBy(x:Integer, y:Integer, animate:Boolean) scroll by a position in scroller content
  • getPosition :Object get current position of scroller content