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In this example project, I learn how to use Vuetify along with Vue JS and Vuex to build a shitty Todo app from scratch. As a result the app looks very shitty on both desktop and mobile devices.

I use a little Vuetify components such as lists, text fields, menus, dialogs, date pickers, snackbars, and more.

I separate my shitty application into child components to make project management worse.

As a result I can display a list of tasks, add tasks, and mark tasks as completed by clicking on them. Do I have to work now?

Each shitty task has a shitty menu with shitty options to edit the task name, add a due date for the task, delete the task (my favorite feature), and even the ability to reorder our tasks using drag and drop.

I can even filter tasks using the expandable search box (to make you suffer more).

I use Vue Router to set up pages and routes that can be followed by links in the navigation bar, and store all data in the user’s browser using IndexedDB and Localbase. Thus, even if the user “accidentally” closes the browser or refreshes it, all his data is saved (because if you started to complete tasks – suffer to the end).

I learn to test, debug, and patch this crap app on my real old iPhone 7 and fake Android devices.

And when I deploy this shitty-code app to Netlify!

Hope you never use or watch this shitty code.

List of sources used

Vue, Vietify

Localbase (IndexedDB – advanced version of LocalStorage)



Vue routing

Date formatting

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