WisdomCircle Sign-in Flow


An elegant and modern UI presents a fully responsive sign-in flow to clients. It is simple to navigate, convenient to use and easy on the eyes.

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Tech Stack







? Rigorous validation – Custom JS validation uses RegEx to ensure only properly formatted input values are sent to the backend | Errors are shown whenever necessary to aid the user | Various edge cases considered and covered

?️ Visbility toggle – Allows for mistakes made in passwords to be conveniently corrected at the click of a button

? Responsive UI – Allows for users to sign in at the comfort of their device choice

SEO Optimised – Usage of Semantic HTML and SSR via Nuxt and deployment through Netlify ensures search visibility

? Login through both Email and Mobile Number – User chooses preferred means at his own behest

? Modern UI – Easy on the eyes and minimalistic

Skills Learnt

  1. Vue3
  2. NuxtJS
  3. Form Validation
  4. MySQL

Development Timeline

  • Day 1
    • Roadmap created
    • Mock UI built with HTML and CSS
  • Day 2
    • Learning Vue
  • Day 3
    • Succesfully transferred UI from vanilla to Vue3
    • Experimented with validation libraries
    • Implemented custom validation functionality
  • Day 4
    • Backend setup in NodeJS and SQL
    • Connected front-end and back-end
    • Refactored validation logic for succintness & readability
  • Day 5
    • Succesfully transferrred application from Vue to Nuxt
    • Deployed frontend to netlify
    • Documentation written
    • Sample video recorded

Potential Improvements

  • Minor bug fix


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