Tailwind Vue Data Table

Simple DataTable with slots, class and style modification for tr and td, sortable by columns (only graphics with click event).

Contains the TVPaginator component that can be disabled via prop or used in stand-alone mode.

❗️ Documentation soon available

For now, check under dev/TableShow.vue to see the table in action


npm i @bitthecat/tailwind-vue-data-table

Add this code inside tailwind.config.* to compile the css library

content: [

Use in Vue

import { TVTable } from '@bitthecat/tailwind-vue-data-table' 

Next additions

  • Pagination (can be disabled) ✔️

  • Select row column (with checkbox) ✔️

  • Row detail ✔️

  • Row Clicked event ✔️

  • Busy state ✔️

  • Additional rows up the header ✔️

  • Select rows (visual) ✔️

  • Provide item from api url

  • Footer

  • Refresh table



Props Default Description
currentPage 1 current displayed page (used by the paginator)
totalRows 0 total number of rows (used by the paginator)
perPage 15 number of rows displayed for page (used by the paginator)
hidePagination false enables for hide paginator
multipleSortable false enables multiple sortable for table header
enableCheck false enables checkbox for table row
busy false enables spinner for loading data


Props Description
items table data
fields data fields
#cell:FIELD_NAME used for overwrite
#row-details row details, you need to use row.toggleDetails(row.item) within a template that contains an icon/button to toggle it
#header-row used for additional rows up the header

slot ‘cell:’ has item or data props

item retrieves the row value

    <template #cell:username="{ item }">
        {{ item.emoji }} - {{ item.username }}

data retrieves the field value

    <template #cell:username="{ data }">
        {{ data }}


Event Description
updateSortable emit the sortable field/fields
changePage emit the page change
checkRow emit the row item when user click on row checkbox
rowClicked emit the row item when user click on row
Any @click event of elements within the row triggers the rowClicked event, to get around this we need to use @click.stop to prevent the propagation of the event



Props Description
key th Title
label index of value
sortable the default setting is false, if set to true a symbol appears for sorting
thStyle used for overwrite the th style
tdStyle used for overwrite the td style
thClass used for overwrite the th class
tdClass used for overwrite the td class
_showDetails used for show row details (default false)



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