Simple multiplatform desktop app for storing TODOs, ideas or backlog items. You can organize them with boards. No dependencies, no internet connection required, no external accounts. Sleek flow.


No installation required. Just unzip archive and run executable

32bit versions




When new version is available just download it, unzip and enjoy. No additional action is required. All your boards and items will be available.



  • fixed bug with importing empty boards



  • Method of storing boards and items has changed. Migration script should be triggered on first run so all of your items should be in-place
  • Electron version bumped
  • Added "check for updates" button in setting modal window (it compares your local version with latest release on github)
  • Removing all tabs is not possible now - remove button is hidden for last one
  • UI improvements in adding new items area


  • Fixed issue with setting active board to early



  • When entering http link in an item, app will show it as a hyperlink and make it clickable. Hover it to see full URL
  • User can embed html tags like <b>, <i> etc

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix issue which caused that in some cases after opening application current board input was not focused
  • Clicking on "+" icon in input will cause adding new item (just as pressing Enter)


  • fixed bug - when after opening settings modal user lost newly created boards


Fixed bugs:

  • Prevent creating empty task
  • ShowDone button placement corrected
  • Prevent create empty board with empty name
  • Fix issue with re-opening modal (settings, add new board) after closing it by clicking outside of the modal
  • Fix issue with lack of scrooling option when have more boards that windows width allows
  • Added notifications when adding/removing item from board

Why I've wrote it ?

When programming I often have a number of ideas related to possible improvements for the future or a cool new project. Most often, it's just one sentence or a couple of words - just a draft of an idea to expand in the future.

I know that, there are hundreds of todo list managers or other notes manager,
but this one will finally perfectly fulfill my needs. So far I wrote my thoughts on sticky notes, I tried Evernote, Simplenote...
They are fine, but all of them were either bloated with unnecessary features or lacked the desired "flow" -
when I open a program I want type down thoughts, hit enter, and get back to my actual work. That's how I write Backlog. No dependencies, no internet connection required, no external accounts etc.


It's free and opensource application under MIT license. You can do whatever you want as long as you include the original copyright and license notice in any copy of the software/source


How ?

This application is builded with Electron and web technologies (javascript, css, html) more specifically: Vue.js. UI toolkit is iView

Build Setup

You can build it yourself instead of downloading executable:

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build electron application for production
npm run build

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `src/`
npm run lint