A simple TODO app, in the form of a Vue SPA.

Run the project

To start the app, run

yarn serve

To run unit tests, run

yarn test:unit

To run the e2e tests, run

yarn test:e2e

You can use the --headless parameter, to skip the UI


Main Features:

  1. Creating new tasks
  2. Editing tasks
  3. Marking a task as complete
  4. Marking a task as not complete
  5. Deleting a task

Extra features:

The App also incorporates a few extra features, that were on the "nice to have" side:

  1. List deleted tasks (trash bucket)
  2. Un-delete items from trash
  3. Delete items permanently from bucket
  4. Dedicated page for deleted items via Vue Router
  5. Re-order tasks via Drag n Drop
  6. Edit tasks
  7. Persist tasks between refreshes via Local Storage

Tech behind


  • SCSS
  • Bulma - minimal CSS Framework, stripped down to only the components I use. Mostly for buttons and inputs


  • Vue CLI 4


  • ESLint Standard preset + Vue-ESLint Recommended.


  • Unit: Jest + Vue Test Utils
  • E2E: Cypress


From the list of requirements, I still have to:

  • [ ] Add a few more tests. Mostly integration, on TodoItem and RecycledTodoItem.
  • [ ] Improve JSDoc types.

As the task is to create a relatively simple ToDo app, there are a few things I would improve/add on top:

  • [ ] Add LocalStorage fallback for browsers that have it blocked (Safari sometimes does this).
  • [ ] Allow selecting multiple items at once
  • [ ] Add cross tab support
  • [ ] Improve design - its not the prettiest thing
  • [ ] Improve accessibility - have not focused on it at all
  • [ ] Add keyboard only navigation support
  • [ ] Categorizing and Filtering (Category, Date, Status, Content search)
  • [ ] Allow completing all visible items and vice versa. (would go well with above)
  • [ ] Integrate with an API for extended features.
  • [ ] Could allow anonymous usage via LocalStorage and API integration for logged-in users.
  • [ ] Add offline support (PWA).