Vue voting dApp

Simple voting Dapp; using Vue CLI, Truffle and Web3

This project was generated with vue-cli version 3.2.1

An simple Vue dApp with a voting mechanism build in the smart contract

Install dependencies

  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. cd vue
  4. npm install

Update .env files

  1. In the root:
    MNEMONIC= "your ganache MNEMONIC"
    INFURA_API_KEY="your infura key"

  2. In the vue folder:
    VUE_APP_ETHADDRESS="your eth address"


  1. To compile your contracts truffle compile
  2. To deploy those contracts to the network truffle migrate --network kovan

Start dev server

  1. cd vue
  2. npm run serve

Technologies & Languages Used

  1. Vue (Typescript/Javascript)
  2. Truffle (Solidity)