Simple zero-dependency input mask for Vue.js and vanilla JS.

  • No dependencies
  • Small size (~2 Kb gziped)
  • Ability to define custom tokens
  • Supports repeat symbols and dynamic masks
  • Works on any input (custom or native)


npm install maska

To load latest version from CDN you can use:

<script src=""></script>

Usage with Vue.js

If you load Vue.js via <script> then just add v-maska directive to your input:

<input v-maska="'###'">

You can add custom tokens by passing in object instead of string to directive:

<input v-maska="{ mask: 'Z*', tokens: { 'Z': { pattern: /[а-яА-Я]/ }}}">

With bundlers you can add global directive:

import Maska from 'maska'

or import maska directive for local usage in component:

        <input v-maska="'###'">

import { maska } from 'maska'

export default {
    directives: { maska }

Usage with vanilla JS

Just load script maska.js and init it, passing element(s) or document.querySelector expression:

var mask = Maska.create('.masked');

You can pass custom tokens while initialization:

var mask = Maska.create('.masked', {
    tokens: { 'Z': { pattern: /[а-яА-Я]/ }}

You can destroy mask like that:

var mask = Maska.create('.masked');

Mask syntax

Default tokens:

    '#': { pattern: /[0-9]/ },
    'X': { pattern: /[0-9a-zA-Z]/ },
    'S': { pattern: /[a-zA-Z]/ },
    'A': { pattern: /[a-zA-Z]/, uppercase: true },
    'a': { pattern: /[a-zA-Z]/, lowercase: true },
    '!': { escape: true },
    '*': { repeat: true }
  • Escape symbol escapes next token (mask !# will render #)
  • Repeat symbol allows repeating current token until it’s valid (e.g. mask #* for all digits or A* A* for CARDHOLDER NAME)

You can add your own tokens by passing them in maska directive or create method at initialization (see above). Important: pattern field should be JS regular expression (/[0-9]/) or string without delimiters ("[0-9]").

Dynamic masks

To use several masks on single input, pass array instead of string as mask value.

You could use it with Vue directives:

<input v-maska="['+1 (###) ##-##-##', '+1 (###) ###-##-##']">

<input v-maska="{ mask: ['!#HHHHHH', '!#HHHHHH-HH'], tokens: { 'H': { pattern: /[0-9a-fA-F]/, uppercase: true }}}">

and with vanilla JS attribute, but make sure that mask value is proper JSON, so use double quotes inside array:

<input data-mask='["# cm", "#.# cm", "#.## cm"]'>