Pinia, The Enjoyable Vue Store

This repository contains the source code for Pinia, The Enjoyable Vue Store course.

As of winter 2021, Pinia is the officially recommended state management solution for Vue.js. Use it to provide a central data store that works with both the Options API and the Composition API.

Pinia is a great choice for statemanagement because it:

  • has an intuititve API
  • is Type Safe for accurate auto completion
  • includes support for Vue.js Devtools
  • has a plugin system that makes it easily extended
  • is modular by design making for better organized code and automatic treeshaking
  • is extremely lightweight, at ~1kb

In this course, learn everything that you need to know to be proficient with Pinia as a state management solution in your Vue.js applications.

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Project setup

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run dev

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build


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