Project Description

This project is a web application which enables users to comment and rate university courses and professors. The frontend is implemented with JavaScript Vue framework, while the backend server is implemented with Java Spring Boot and MyBatis frameworks. A relational MySQL schema is used for the database of the server.

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For how to launch the project locally, please scroll to the bottom.

Project Preview

Client Side Preview Screenshots:

Admin Side Preview Screenshots:

Project Features

Client/Users Features:

For all clients:

  • Show course and professors’ introductions in a sliding window (carousal) format
  • Show users’ evaluations about courses and professors in a sliding window (carousal) format
  • Users sign up and log in

For logged in users only:

  • Show username and welcome message on the header
  • Make comments about courses and professors
  • Show comments they made about courses and professors in a “sliding card” format

Administrator Features:

  • Log in and Log out
  • With a web graphical interface,
    • View all data;
    • add and delete some data in the database with a graphical web interface

Frameworks and APIs


  • SpringBoot
  • MyBatis (with mybatis generator)


  • Vue
    • vue-router
    • axios
    • vuex
    • ElementUI

Development Environment

  • Java: 16.0.1 2021-04-20

  • MySQL:Ver 8.0.25 for macos11 on x86_64

  • node:v12.4.0, npm: 6.9.0

  • IDE:IntelliJ IDEA 2021, VSCode

Download and run locally

1. Clone the project to local

git clone https://github.com/yutianw00/RateMyCourse.git

2. Change the configuration files for the server

2.1 Set up database:

Create a new schema, and run the script admin.sql

2.2 Change database settings in server spring configuration file:

in proj-server/src/main/resources/application.properties file, set the following:

spring.datasource.username=your-username (e.g. root)

3. Install the dependencies for frontend

under the proj-admin folder, type command

npm install

Similarly, under the proj-client folder, type command

npm install

if an error occurs during the above step, make sure the node version is the same as shown above. The version info can be check via command npm --version and node --version.

4. Launch the project

Launch the server:

in CLI, cd into proj-server folder and run

./mvnw spring-boot:run

Launch the client-side frontend:

cd into proj-client folder and run

npm run dev 

Launch the admin-side frontend:

cd into proj-admin folder and run

npm run dev 

Author and Date

Yutian.W, 2022


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