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A lightweight Vue 3 component library.

When you are starting a new prototype you want to be able to develop features fast. We created this component library as a way for us to build products quickly without having to deal with complicated packages and a huge bundle sizes.


First install the library using your prefered package manager

yarn add @hotellistat/robust-ui

then you can import the available components like so

import { HsButton } from '@hotellistat/robust-ui'

Publishing a new version

To publish a new version you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Bump the version in the package.json (e.g. 1.0.2) and commit it
  2. Tag you commit with the corresponding version. Tags need to be prefixed with a “v” (e.g. git tag -a v1.0.2) and give it a description
  3. Run git push --follow-tags to push the tags and your commit at the same time
  4. The github action should take care of publishing the new version to npm

Available commands

Here is a list of all available npm commands.

Starting the dev environment
We use Vue Press to hold our component documentation and examples

yarn dev

Building the documentation

yarn build

Serving the documentation

yarn serve

Building the library bundles

yarn build:library

Analyzing bundle sizes with rollup-plugin-visualizer

yarn analyze

Lint all files

yarn lint

Format all files

yarn format


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