Spider Nest Vue

A vue.js ui library for web.

Bootstrap project

$ pnpm i

Website preview

$ pnpm docs:dev

Local development

  1. Start the local development environment
$ pnpm dev
  1. Add a component into play/play.vue


<script setup>
// make sure this component is registered in @spider-nest-vue/components
import { ComponentDeveloping } from '@spider-nest-vue/components'

  <ComponentDeveloping />

Generate new component

$ pnpm gen component-name

Note the component-name must be in kebab-case, combining words by replacing each space with a dash.

Commit template

With command

pnpm cz


# [TYPE](SCOPE): [sn-component-name] DESCRIPTION#[ISSUE]
# example: feat(components): [sn-button] add type for form usage #1234