streamlit-option-menu is a simple Streamlit component that allows users to select a single item from a list of options in a menu.
It is similar in function to st.selectbox(), except that:

  • It uses a simple static list to display the options instead of a dropdown
  • It has configurable icons for each option item and the menu title

It is built on streamlit-component-template-vue, styled with Bootstrap and with icons from bootstrap-icons


pip install streamlit-option-menu


The option_menu function accepts the following parameters:

  • menu_title (required): the title of the menu
  • options (required): the array of (string) options to display in the menu
  • default_index (optional, default=0): the index of the selected option by default
  • menu_icon (optional, default=”menu-up”): name of the bootstrap-icon to be used for the menu title
  • icons (optional, default=[“caret-right”]): array of bootstrap-icon names to be used for each option; its length should be equal to the length of options;
    The function returns the (string) option currently selected


import streamlit as st
from streamlit_option_menu import option_menu

with st.sidebar:
    selected = option_menu("Main Menu", ["Home", 'Settings'], 
        icons=['house', 'gear'], menu_icon="cast", default_index=1)


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