Figma Translator Vue Plugin Sample


This repository contains the source code for a translation plugin that works in Figma.

The plugin is built using Vue.js, and it allows you to select a text element in Figma and translate that text into the language of your choice.

Note: that the plugin does not include the translation API functionality itself. You will need to implement this part yourself. To do this, you can use a third-party translation API, such as Papago API or Google Cloud Translate API.


You will need to update your manifest.json with your plugin’s name and ID.

You can get a name and ID by create a new plugin.

You can develop this plugin by following these steps:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Install the necessary dependencies.
    npm install
  3. Start the development server.
    npm run start
  4. Test the plugin that is running on the development server.
  5. Build the plugin when development is complete.
    npm run build
  6. The final files can be found in the `dist folder.


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