Vue Responsiveness

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Extremely light (< 1kb gzipped) plugin in terms of both size and runtime resource consumption.

I wrote it because I wanted something extremely easy to use but as light as possible. To be fair, I am a bit obsessed with both performance and ease of use. If curios, scroll down to “How it works”.



yarn add vue-responsiveness


npm i vue-responsiveness


The default breakpoints value is set to Bootstrap 5’s responsiveness breakpoints preset:


import { VueResponsiveness } from 'vue-responsiveness'


in any <template />:

<!-- sm and above
  @media (min-width: 576px) -->
<template v-if="$">

<!-- sm and below
  @media (max-width: 767.9px) -->
<SomeComponent v-if="$">

<!-- sm only
  @media (min-width: 576px) and (max-width: 767.9px) -->
<div v-if="$">

Available breakpoint presets


import { VueResponsiveness, Presets } from "vue-responsiveness";

app.use(VueResponsiveness, Presets.Tailwind_CSS)

Available presets:

  • Bootstrap_3
  • Bootstrap_4
  • Bootstrap_5
  • Bulma
  • Chakra
  • Foundation
  • Ionic
  • Material_Design
  • Materialize
  • Material_UI
  • Quasar
  • Semantic_UI
  • Skeleton
  • Tailwind_CSS
  • Vuetify
  • Windi_CSS


  • If you maintain a CSS framework (or if you use one often) and you’d like its preset added, open an issue or even a PR.
  • If you spot any inconsistency in the presets (either my typo or some library update), please, let me know, I’ll correct it.

Use your own breakpoints:

app.use(VueResponsiveness, {
  small: 0,
  medium: 777,
  large: 1234

<!-- medium only
  @media (min-width: 777px) and (max-width: 1233.9px) -->
<template v-if="$matches.medium.only">

Hide components, (while still rendering them) – usage with v-show:

<SomeComponent /> below will be rendered at all screen sizes but will only be displayed on md and below:

<!-- rendered all the time,  but only displayed on: 
  @media (max-width: 991.9px) -->
<SomeComponent v-show="$" />


Let me know!

How it works:

  • the plugin uses the native window.matchMedia(queryString) and only reacts to changes in the query’s matches value. It’s basically the same API powering the CSS media queries.
  • the listeners are placed on the returned MediaQueryList instances, which means they are removed/deleted as soon as the app is unmounted, without leaving anything bound on <body> or window object.
  • having it placed on the app instance makes it a lot more performant than the alternative of having listeners placed by each component using the plugin.
  • in terms of memory and/or CPU consumption, this approach is hundreds of times more performant than the “traditional” resize event listener method.


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