Toggle switch for vue.js.


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npm install vuejs-toggle-switch --save

Import: (in your main.js)

import ToggleSwitch from 'vuejs-toggle-switch'


Use: (in your local .vue file/component, html section)

  @change="updateMap($event.value)" // This is optional
  @selected="selectedMethod()" // This is optional
  v-model="selectedMapOption" // This is optional 2-way binding (try not to use both 1-way and 2-way)
  :value="selectedMapOption" // This is optional 1-way binding (try not to use both 1-way and 2-way)
  :group="switchGroup" // This is optional, use if multiple toggle-switch on same page with same label names

<!-- Options struct: -->
myOptions: {
  layout: {
    color: 'black',
    backgroundColor: 'lightgray',
    selectedColor: 'white',
    selectedBackgroundColor: 'green',
    borderColor: 'black',
    fontFamily: 'Arial',
    fontWeight: 'normal',
    fontWeightSelected: 'bold',
    squareCorners: false,
    noBorder: false
  size: {
    fontSize: 14,
    height: 34,
    padding: 7,
    width: 100
  items: {
    delay: .4,
    preSelected: 'unknown',
    disabled: false,
    labels: [
      {name: 'Off', color: 'white', backgroundColor: 'red'}, 
      {name: 'On', color: 'white', backgroundColor: 'green'}


Name Type Default Description
width Number 100 Width of labels
height Number 34 Height
padding Number 4 Adjust text location in label with this
backgroundColor String lightgray Background color (not selected)
color String black Text color (not selected)
borderColor String gray border color
selectedColor String white Text color selected label
selectedBackgroundColor String green Selected label background color
fontFamily String Arial Font of label text
fontWeight String normal Font weight item (not selected)
fontWeightSelected String bold Font weight selected item
fontSize Number 14 Text size
disabled Boolean false Disable switch
preSelected String On Set (pre) selected label
labels Array Off/On Labels for switch, name property is mandatory
value String n/a Value, ie: v-model="selectedMapOption"
delay Number .4 Transition delay between labels is seconds
squareCorners Boolean false Rounded corners of switch
noBorder Boolean false Remove border
group String '' Switch key/group name (optional)

Labels prop can be used with or without color and backgroundColor attr, if not used the common prop:
selectedColor and selectedBackgroundColor will be used for all labels.


Name Description
change Triggered on toggle, user selects switch option, returns current value. @change="vmValueItem = $event.value"
selected Triggered whenever user select switch item
input Triggered on mount if preSelected is set or value is set, and on toggle/change