Modrinth Publisher Dashboard

An unofficial android app to track your modrinth statistics.


Currently, I plan to have feature parity with the Analytics page on the modrinth website:

  • Payout section
    • Total revenue
    • This months revenue
    • Transaction History
    • Create new transaction
  • Project section Some items in this section wont be available until they’re added to knossos.

    • Total downloads
    • This months downloads
    • Total follows
    • This months follows
  • Notification section
    • Dismiss Notifications
    • Ignore from certain projects
    • Filter
    • Search
  • Settings Section
    • Theme Switcher
    • Account Switcher (hotswap between multiple accounts)
    • Push Notifications

IOS Support

I cannot provide IOS support myself because I do not have any apple devices. However, you can add it yourself. Check the CapacitorJS documentation for information on adding IOS as a build target.


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