Vue component that allows you to resize and drag elements.



npm install vue-resizable --save

Basic usage

        <div class="resizable-content"></div>

import VueResizable from 'vue-resizable'

export default {
    name: "YourApp",
    components: {VueResizable}

<style scoped>
    .resizable-content {
        height: 100%;
        width: 100%;
        background-color: aqua;


Property Data attribute Type Default Description
width w [Number, String] undefined Width
minWidth minW Number 0 Minimum width
maxWidth maxW Number undefined Maximum width
height h [Number, String] undefined Height
minHeight minH Number 0 Minimum height
maxHeight maxH Number undefined Maximum height
left l [Number, String] 0 Offset left from parent
top t [Number, String] 0 Offset top from parent
active Array ['r', 'rb', 'b', 'lb', 'l', 'lt', 't', 'rt'] Active handlers for resize
fitParent Boolean false Respect parent's size on resizing
dragSelector dragElements String undefined Drag selector
maximize Boolean false Maximize element to parent size
disableAttributes calcMap Array [] Disable changes to attributes, Available values: ['l', 't', 'w', 'h']


Name Payload Description
mount [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called after the component is mounted
destroy [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called before the component is destroyed
resize:start [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called after clicking on one of the active handlers
resize:move [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called when a handler is being dragged
resize:end [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called when the mouse button was released after resize
drag:start [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called after clicking on one of the drag elements
drag:move [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called when a drag element is being dragged
drag:end [eventName,left,top,width,height] Called when the mouse button was released after drag
maximize [eventName,left,top,width,height, state] Called when "maximize" state changed


To begin development, run:

npm install 
npm run dev

It starts webpack-dev-server on localhost:8080 with Demo page.