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Vue Input Highlighter

Component that allows content highlighting within an input field based on specified regular expressions (regexes).

It enhances user experience by providing visual feedback about specified patterns recognized and improves the interaction the user have with the input.

vue input highlighter banner


Using npm :

$ npm i vue-input-highlighter

Using yarn :

$ yarn add vue-input-highlighter


Register the component globally :

inside main.(js/ts)

import InputHighlighter from 'vue-input-highlighter';
import 'vue-input-highlighter/style.css';

const app = createApp(App)

app.component("InputHighlighter", InputHighlighter);


Import within the scope of a component

Script Setup

<script setup>

    import InputHighlighter from 'vue-input-highlighter';
    import 'vue-input-highlighter/style.css';

    import { ref } from 'vue';

    const inputValue = ref('');





Option Api

    import InputHighlighter from 'vue-input-highlighter';
    import 'vue-input-highlighter/style.css';

    export default {
        data() {
            return {
                inputValue: ''
        components: {




Usage example

Please refer to the following link content as usage example : codesandbox

vue input highlighter banner

How it works

The component is based on a ‘content editable’ div that replicates the behavior of an input tag.

As the user inputs content, the component evaluates the div’s text and analyzes it using regular expressions (regex).

Any fragment that matches the regex is encapsulated within an HTML tag, with the default being <strong> (or as specified) for which the relevant styles are then applied.

Use Cases

Use cases example :

  • Highlight search operators (example : and, or, not, “) inside a search bar

  • Highlight id like entries (ex: company number, salesforce id, random code)

  • Highlight business specific keyword

    • Protocols : http/https

    • Language syntax : select, from, where

    • Auth methods : Basic, Bearer


List of component props :

Props Description
modelValue allow v-model behavior for the component
rules array of rules as composed object defined in more details in the next table
placeholder string value displayed when input is empty as a placeholder for explanation

List of component “rules” props sub-elements :

Sub-element Description
regex pattern to be matched
style string value to be mapped inside the style attribute of the matched element tag
class string value to be mapped inside the class attribute of the matched element tag
tag tag used when wrapping the matched element


List of component custom events

Events Description
highlight fires whenever one or multiple highlights are matched. return list of newly matched text.
highlights fires at each input. return list of all matched text by the input.


Every improvement of the package is welcome, just fork the project make the necessary changes and create a pull request.

If you want to contact me (@GAliNor) here is a link to my linkedin profile


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