Vue component which shows the flag of the country from which the language comes from.

How to install

Get the package from NPM:

npm install vue-lang-code-flags
yarn add vue-lang-code-flags

How to use

Register LangFlag component in your app. You can use two approaches:

  • in main.js you can mount it as a global Vue component:

import Vue from 'vue'
import LangFlag from 'vue-lang-code-flags'

Vue.component('lang-flag', LangFlag)

  • in a specific component (e.g.: Component.vue):
import LangFlag from 'vue-lang-code-flags'

new Vue({
    components: {

Then, after the proper mounting, in your template you can call it like this:

<lang-flag iso='en'/>
<lang-flag iso='ja' squared="false"/>
<lang-flag iso='zh' title="Some title"/>


Mandatory properties

Property Description Type Value
iso ISO 639-1 identifier of the language String one of the values defined here

Optional properties

Property Description Type Default
squared Squared flag Boolean true
title Title String null

Available Flags

Here follows the list of the currently available flags.
They are identified using the ISO 639-1 standard.

Language Code
English en
Chinese zh
Hindi hi
Spanish es
Arabic ar
French fr
Malay ms
Russian ru
Bengali bn
Portuguese pt
German de
Japanese ja
Persian fa
Swahili sw
Javanese jv
Telugu te
Turkish tr
Korean ko
Marathi mr
Tamil ta
Vietnamese vi
Italian it
Hausa ha
Thai th