VxVue provides a few Vue components styled with Tailwind CSS. At some point a more verbose documentation than this brief readme might emerge.


  • Tailwind CSS 2.*
  • Vue.js 3.*

The official Tailwind CSS forms plugin is used to provide basic styling of the form components using the class strategy which allows the styling of non-form elements consistently.
An easy to configure color theming is applied.

Try it out


npm install


npm run dev

and navigate to the reported URL by Vite.


The sample page gives simple examples of all currently available components.

Provided components

So far the following components have been implemented:

element description
formelements/password-input a simple input with toggle button which toggles between type='button' and type='text'
formelements/form-select a select element adapted for Vue.js integration
formelements/date-input and formelements/datepicker the input element can be used for guided date inputs and is (optionally) part of the datepicker
formelements/form-switch a fancy checkbox
formelements/form-radio-group as the name suggests – a group of related radio elements
formelements/form-checkbox-group a group of related checkbox elements; allows multiple selected options
sortable a sortable table; the column attribute specifies the columns and their sorting options
autocomplete a simple autocomplete component
message-toast displays a notification which dismisses itself after a configurable timeout
alert promise-based alert component which must be manually dismissed; button labelling, and their returned values can be configured
pagination A pagination component for arbitrary items; opinionated in its layout
tabs A tabs component which allows both badges and icons


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