Vue Cirrus

A fully responsive and comprehensive CSS framework with beautiful controls and simplistic structure. Cirrus is designed to be adaptable to existing themes or when starting fresh. These are the Vue Components for this CSS framework.

Getting Started

  1. Install with npm
npm install vue-cirrus
  1. Include the following in your public.html file
<link href=",300,400,600,700" rel="stylesheet">
<link href=",700" rel="stylesheet">

<link href="" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
  1. Import all vue cirrus components in your main.js file
import 'vue-cirrus/dist/vue-cirrus.css';
import 'vue-cirrus';
  1. Test, if it works by including the following in a vue file
<v-btn animated loadingLeft>Button Test</v-btn>