Easily add Zondicon icons to your vue web project.


npm install --save vue-zondicons

To Use

To add an icon convert the icon name listed on the Zondicon website from hypen case to Pascalcase

ie. To use the Zondicon arrow-left you would convert it to ArrowLeft

  <Zondicon icon="ArrowLeft" />

You can also pass css classes to the Zondicon svg element

Note: fill-content and text-red are from the Tailwinds CSS library and vue-zondicons doesnt come with any css.

  import Zondicon from 'vue-zondicons'

  <Zondicon icon="ArrowLeft" class="fill-current text-red"/>


The icon filter has been changed to FilterIcon since filter is a registered keyword in Vuejs and will throw errors.

Project setup

npm install

Development setup

clone this repo

npm install # Install dependancies

./scripts/ # download zondicons from zondicon repo and generate vue components

npm build # Build package for npm

npm publish