Vue.js date range picker with multiples ranges and presets (vue 2.x) .


You need Vue.js version 2.0+.

1 Install via npm

npm install vue-mj-daterangepicker
yarn add vue-mj-daterangepicker

2 Import and use

import Vue from 'vue'
import DateRangePicker from 'vue-mj-daterangepicker'
import 'vue-mj-datepicker/dist/vue-mj-datepicker.css'




Name Type Default Description
locale String en set the locale ['en', 'fr]
from String null ISO-8601 date of start range
to String null ISO-8601 date of end range
begin String null ISO-8601 date to display since beginning range
past Boolean true allow/disallow user to select past dates
future Boolean true allow/disallow user to select future dates
panel String null choose which panel to be open by default
panels Array [ 'range', 'week', 'month', 'quarter', 'year' ] choose which panels to be available
yearsCount Number 2 number of past/future years to display in year panel
theme Object see customize section customize colors
width String 'auto' set component width
resetTitle String 'Reset' change Reset button title
submitTitle String 'Submit' change Submit button title
presets Object see preset section select which presets to be available


theme = {
  primary: '#3297DB',
  secondary: '#2D3E50',
  ternary: '#93A0BD',
  border: '#e6e6e6',
  light: '#ffffff',
  dark: '#000000',
  hovers: {
    day: '#CCC',
    range: '#e6e6e6'


available presets : ['custom', 'today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow', 'last7days', 'next7days', 'last30days', 'next30days', 'last90days', 'next90days', 'last365days', 'next365days', 'forever']

warning: forever need begin props to be set.


This datepicker emit two events, @reset and @update
both return an object with the start and end date, plus the active panel

  to: '2019-04-23T10:26:00.996Z',
  from: '2018-04-23T10:26:00.996Z'
  panel: 'range'


  <date-range-picker :from="$route.query.from" :to="$" :panel="$route.query.panel" @update="update"/>


export default {
  methods: {
    update(values) {
      this.$router.push({ query: Object.assign({}, this.$route.query, {
        from: values.from,
        panel: values.panel
      }) })