Vueform Vite + TailwindCSS 3 Boilerplate

Last tested with Vite 2.7.13.


  1. Clone this repo with:
    git clone vueform-vite-starter
  2. Log in to your account at
  3. Go to Projects > + New project
  4. Add localhost to Project urls and create the project
  5. Download the file and unzip it
  6. Move the contents of the unzipped folder to this projects’s ./packages/vueform folder (./packages/vueform/index.js must exist)


  1. Run npm install to install dependencies
  2. Run npm run dev to start the server


  1. Run yarn install to install dependencies
  2. Run yarn run dev to start the server


Go to http://localhost:3000 and you should see the following screen:

Vueform demo

About Vueform


Vueform is the industry leading form builder for Vue.js that makes form development a breeze. It standardizes and handles the entire form building process, including:

  • a complete theming and templating system with Tailwind support
  • 25+ form elements with multi-file uploads, date pickers and rich text editor
  • element nesting and repeating
  • 50+ validators with async, dependent and custom rules
  • conditional logic on element & form level
  • breaking forms into steps with form wizard
  • dynamic form rendering with JSON support
  • translating form content and global i18n support.

Vueform pre-release is open for registration for the first 100 developers with special discounts. Learn more:


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