Funnel graph drawing library for Vue.js.

  • SVG charts
  • Values, Labels, Percentages display
  • Two-dimensional graph support
    • Legend display
    • Detailed percentage breakdown on hover
  • Animated
  • Solid color and gradient fill
  • Horizontal and vertical charts

Online Demo

CodePen Demo



npm i vue-funnel-graph-js-by_devak
<script src=""></script>


After installing, import the VueFunnelGraph component:

import { VueFunnelGraph } from 'vue-funnel-graph-js-by_devak';

You can now use the custom element:

<vue-funnel-graph :width="width" :height="height" :labels="labels"
              :values="values" :colors="colors" :sub-labels="subLabels" :direction="direction"
              :animated="true" :display-percentage="true"

The values are passed to props:

export default {
  name: 'app',
  components: {
  data() {
      return {
          labels: ['Impressions', 'Add To Cart', 'Buy'],
          subLabels: ['Direct', 'Social Media', 'Ads'],
          values: [
          // with the given Labels and SubLabels here's what the values represent:
          // Direct, Social, Ads  
          //    |      |     |  
          //    v      v     v
              [3000, 2500, 6500], // Segments of "Impressions" from top to bottom
              [3000, 1700, 1000], // Segments of "Add To Cart"
              [600,  200,  130]   // Segments of "Buy"
          colors: [
              ['#FFB178', '#FF3C8E'], // color set for "Impressions" segment
              ['#A0BBFF', '#EC77FF'], // color set for "Add To Cart" segment
              ['#A0F9FF', '#7795FF']  // color set for "Buy" segment
          direction: 'horizontal',
          gradientDirection: 'horizontal',
          height: 300,
          width: 800


Option Description Type Required Options Default Example
width Width of the funnel graph number Yes 0 800
height Height of the funnel graph number Yes 0 300
labels Title of each data part array Yes [‘Impressions’, ‘Add To Cart’, ‘Buy’]
values Numbers that the funnel chart visualizes array Yes [12000, 4700, 930]
colors Colors of the graph. If a string or array with one element passed it fills the graph with a solid color, if the array contains more than one element it fill the graph with a gradient. For two-dimensional charts and array of arrays shall be passed to fill each segment with a separate gradient. The array can contain arrays and strings mixed. If a there are more segments than colors provided, up to 10 extra segments will be filled with pre-defined solid colors arrayāˇ®string Yes [12000, 4700, 930]
subLabels (:sub-labels) Title of each data segment array Yes for two-dimensional graphs [‘Direct’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Ads’]
direction Whether the chart visualization is displayed vertically or horizontally string No ‘vertical’, ‘horizontal’ ‘horizontal’
gradientDirection (:gradient-direction) Whether the gradient applied to the segments of the graph is displayed from top to bottom or from left to right string No ‘vertical’, ‘horizontal’ ‘horizontal’
animated Whether any change in graph shape will be displayed with a smooth transition boolean No true, false true false
displayPercentage (:display-percentage) Whether to display the automatically calculated percentage values below the labels boolean No true, false true


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