VueJs fetch-data component

components can be a lot more than just UI widgets!

Check out this demo of a "fetch" component for making AJAX requests from your markup


Adam Wathan


<div id="app" class="min-h-screen font-sans bg-grey-lighter">
  <div class="container mx-auto max-w-md p-6">
    <fetch-data url="">
      <div slot="loading">Loading repositories...</div>

      <div slot-scope="{ response: repos }">
        <div v-for="repo in repos" class="shadow-md bg-white p-6 mb-6 rounded">
          <div class="flex mb-4">
            <a :href="repo.html_url" class="text-blue no-underline"><h2 class="text-lg mr-4">{{ repo.full_name }}</h2></a>
            <div class="flex items-center">
              <svg class="fill-current text-grey-dark h-3 w-3 mr-1" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 20 20">
                <path d="M10 15l-5.878 3.09 1.123-6.545L.489 6.91l6.572-.955L10 0l2.939 5.955 6.572.955-4.756 4.635 1.123 6.545z" />
              <span class="text-grey-darker text-sm">{{ repo.stargazers_count }}</span>
            <h3 class="text-base text-grey-darker font-medium mb-2">Top Contributors</h3>
            <fetch-data :url="repo.contributors_url">

              <div slot="loading">Loading contributors...</div>

              <div slot-scope="{ response: contributors }" class="">
                <div v-for="contributor in contributors.slice(0, 5)" class="inline-flex items-center mr-6">
                  <span class="mr-1">
                    <img :src="contributor.avatar_url" class="h-6 w-6 rounded-full" alt="">
                  <a :href="contributor.html_url" class="text-sm text-grey-dark font-medium">{{ contributor.login }}</a>


Vue.component('fetch-data', {
  props: ['url'],
  data() {
    return {
      loaded: false,
      response: null,
  created() {
      .then((response) => {
        this.response = response
        this.loaded = true
  render() {
    if (!this.loaded) {
      return this.$slots.loading[0]

    return this.$scopedSlots.default({

const app = new Vue({
  el: '#app'