Web Application built in Vuex with FireStore Database for a medical clinic, the app being secured and having protected routes.
So, users must register and login to can access data and make appointments to see a doctor.

! – – Describing how the app works – – !

Client can see in any moment medical clinic’s availability but he must to register and login if he wants to make a new appoitment for himself.
After login, a localstorage token will be registered and we will can see in any moment user’s informations like: phone number, years old, fullname.
To make a new appointment, users must choose a specialization he wants to go, and after that choose a date from the calendar. If there are places available, he can choose one of them and submit.
Also, he cand cancel his unfinished appointments in any momoent by cliking the remove button in his history list of appointments.


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